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You have made the wonderful choice to introduce your children to the amazing and magical world of music and music making. This is a special place for you with all the information you may require.


Enrol in a class – Review and update details – Make payments and check balance – Schedule make ups

The Rhythm Tree Family Tree House

A private Facebook group just for our enrolled families. A safe place where our community can share music, ideas and support each other.


Each Music Together account provides access to the music and activities, which are unlocked with the code provided. While a code only works once, you can share your account login credentials with other members of your family, to be used across multiple devices. The same account accesses both the Hello Everybody app and the Family Music Zone website.

Download Hello Everybody App

Unlocking your Music Collection

Music Together® ‘Hello Everybody’ App

Check out the free “Hello Everybody” app for Apple and Android. Listen to all your song collections in one place. Log in with your Family Music Zone account to get your song collections into the app or create an account and share it with all family members.

The App also comes pre-loaded with 8 favourite Music Together songs and a digital version of the Singalong Storybook, “Hello, Everybody”, based on the beloved “Hello Song.”

Here are some of the features of the app for you to explore:

  • Stream your songs or download them so your family can sing and play along even when you don’t have Internet access. 
  • Flip through the colorful pages of Music Together’s award-winning Singalong Storybook Hello, Everybody! 
  • Use your device’s camera to record to the music and easily share with friends. 
  • Turn the vocals down and sing karaoke! 
  • Show or hide on-screen lyrics. 

How to Navigate the HE App:

  • The unlocked music can be found under the “Music” section along the red bar at the bottom of the screen. Try it out and learn the words with the karaoke feature!
  • A digital songbook and bonus activities can be found under “Let’s Play.”
  • You can watch video tutorials on creating an account and unlocking music HERE.

Have fun singing and dancing along at home or on the go!

Music Together® Family Music Zone

Download and stream songs to your mobile device.

As a member of The Rhythm Tree family, you have access to the Music Together Family Music Zone™. Here, you’ll be able to download your current song collection, view a digital copy of your songbook, get inspiring ideas on how to incorporate music into your family’s day and learn more about your child’s musical development. You can even learn how to play some of our songs on the guitar or ukulele!

Enter the code inside your songbook cover to access the songs and activities for the current term.

A few notes when accessing the Music Zone Website:

  • The collection featured on the home page is the one most recently unlocked.
  • You may purchase CD, songbook, notation for the collection you already own by being enrolled in class.
  • The activities section and Let’s Play section (in the HE app) is the same content and this includes the songbook and parent guides in a flip book format (not downloadable), and bonus activities.

Tips for getting the most out of The Rhythm Tree experience

Your Rhythm Tree class is one of the few times during the week that you and your child get to devote yourselves to music. The rest of the week is filled with all the other exciting exploration and experimentation your children do. You can get the most out of this music experience by establishing a few habits:

Keep the 45 minutes musical!

Children find it difficult to block out adult conversation – especially if it’s coming from their main caregiver. They hear so much talk during the day and work so hard on language development – let’s give them a chance to be musically focused in this class. Your model of musical participation and involvement is the most powerful magic for creating both the disposition to be musical in your children, and an exciting and rewarding class experience for everyone.   If you need to say something . . . see if you can sing it to them!

The Rhythm Tree is about the experience NOT the performance.

You may feel that you are not particularly musical and a bit disconcerted at being the main musical role model for your child. The good news is that it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you do it. Your child can gain musical knowledge and skills from anyone. Their disposition for music or their love of music can only come from their primary caregiver i.e. YOU …..so sing, dance, shake-rattle and roll, even if you don’t know the words – your enthusiastic participation is so much more important than getting the notes right or the actions perfect.

Allow your child to form their own style in class. Some children will quietly observe and others will actively explore their environment.

Many children choose to practice in private at home until they are ready for a public debut. In the meantime they are observing and assimilating information so while this is happening, continue your own musical involvement. You can tap your child, sing along, imitate their movements and even join them in their large motor exploration and create a dance duet! Resist the urge to move their arms or legs for them or give them verbal directions – let them find the beat from within, in their own time.

Make sure your child has a good snack before class.

No food is allowed during class. Some children have severe allergies and even crumbs can create problems. Sippy cups (water only please), bottles and breast-feeding are all encouraged – it can be thirsty work singing and dancing!

If your child is sick or feeling unwell, please keep them home.

If your child is showing signs of being unwell in class you may be asked to leave and to schedule a make up class at a better time. Each family is allowed 2 make up classes per term (4 make up classes during winter months) and can schedule these and mark absences through their Family Portal.


Be mindful of safety.

Whilst children are encouraged to freely explore their musical environment (and some are more active with this than others), it is presumed that parents take responsibility for making sure their child is safe and are also interacting safely with other children.

Please note that due to the mixed age range in class, we offer a wide selection of instruments and props which may not all be suitable for all babies and toddlers. We ask that parents check for safety and suitability and supervise young children at all time whilst they are using the prop/instrument.

Sometimes things can become loose or even break. Please let us know when this happens.

Please turn mobile phones off, or if absolutely necessary, turn to vibrate.

If you must use your phone for any reason (i.e. making an important call), please let the teacher know and leave the classroom to do so.

We prefer not to have cameras or video cameras in class as they can distract from the musical experience. We also respect that some families choose not to be photographed.

If, for any reason you are required to take a photo or video, please firstly ask permission from your teacher and the rest of musical community.

Please consult our website….if you have a question relating to term dates, policies, terms and conditions and payment amounts please check our website before contacting us.

Absences, make up classes and payments are made by logging on to your Account / Family Portal.

When first enrolling in our classes you would have opened an account and created a Username and Password. Use these to log in to your Family Portal HERE.

MAKE UP classes

Families are allowed 1 make up class per month.

Makeups can be scheduled through your online Family Portal accessible HERE.

Makeup classes fill toward the end of term so you are best scheduling one as early as possible. Make up classes are not transferable from month to month nor are they transferable for class credit. Make up classes are subject to availability.

*We are temporarily offering unlimited make up class for all our families. Please click HERE to schedule yours if necessary.

Come for A trial


This term’s CD – Please play the CD as often as you can, as both background music and accompaniment to daily life and for special family jam and dance sessions. Children crave repetition in order to process the music and become familiar enough with it to feel confident singing/playing along and eventually improvising and creating their own music.

The Songbook contains suggestions for musical activities at home, each song in this term’s collection is brought to life through colourful and engaging illustrations by award-winning artist Jaime Kim. The new book will inspire your family to play with music all week long. You’ll find it helpful to learn the lyrics, as a jumping-off point for creative storytelling, and to learn more about the songs you’re singing in class. Your child may enjoy snuggling with you and singing through the whole book at once, or opening to a page to tell you what song they want to sing! For families who read music, full notation can be downloaded through the Hello Everybody APP as well as the Family Music Zone.

Make the songs your own. Make up your own words, stories and actions. Use it to accompany routines, as a motivator for children, or diffuse a tense moment by breaking into song!

Download the “Hello Everybody” App. for your phone or ipad.

See information at the top of this page

 The Music Together ‘Family Zone’:

see information at the top of this page

Any problems accessing Hello Everybody App or Family Music Zone? :

Please contact support@musictogether.com

Like our Facebook Page – Find ‘The Rhythm Tree Family Music Classes’ on Facebook for lots of interesting articles, research, videos, family gigs etc.

The Rhythm Tree Family Hub (closed Facebook group): Look out for an invite to our secret page.

Class should be an exciting, fun and rewarding musical experience for both you and your child. Please ask questions, voice your concerns and share your stories.

The Rhythm Tree BIrd

Goodbye, so long, farewell my friends . . . We’ll see you soon again and then we’ll make music together again!

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