The Rhythm Tree At Home

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Music and Connection Heals the Soul

Across the globe people are singing and playing music together from their balconies, whole streets are listening together from their candlelit driveways to a lone bugle, virtual choirs and orchestras are being created via social media and singers and musicians are running live concerts from their own homes.

Music has always been a healer…..a connector…….a universal language…….and in these challenging times, we’ve been reminded of just how important it is to share the joy of music as a community.

Adapting to Change

We (The Rhythm Tree) have been making music with thousands of families around Melbourne now for 10 years, beginning at CERES Environmental Park in Brunswick East, which is still our main venue. For those of you who are familiar with us, you will know that we pride ourselves on being community-orientated. Real face to face engagement between facilitators and mothers, fathers, grandparents, nannies and their children is important to us. As you can imagine, at a time when we can’t really do this, it’s been a bit of a challenge.

“It is not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that best adapts to changes.” ~ Charles Darwin.

 Our mission has always been to grow musical families and communities and to inspire them to bring the joy of music and connection into their everyday lives.

This is really what is important, particularly at this time.

It is with this thought in mind and with much work behind the scenes from our incredible team that we introduce you to ….

The Rhythm Tree At Home

The Rhythm Tree at Home is a fun, jam packed online music program for the WHOLE FAMILY. Families can sing, dance and make music with their beloved teachers, friends and community…all from their own home!

Included in the program is:

  • Weekly 30 minute Virtual Family Classes via Zoom with your choice of teacher on a day and at time that is suitable (Families can register for a mixed aged family class or Rhythm Kids Class or even both)
  • A full weekly schedule of live and prerecorded mini classes, musical storytimes and adventures, A cappella treats, Musical games for older children, Learn to play (instrumental instruction) videos for grownups…. Plus so much more

You will also receive

  • A new family song collection every 12 weeks; includes a beautifully illustrated songbook and wonderful music (in both CD and digital form) that the whole family will love
  • Access to our private Facebook Community “The Rhythm Tree Family Treehouse’ page
  • Downloadable family resources (activity pages, musical games etc.) accessible via the Hello Everybody App

Words from our lovely families in the community

Here’s what our families are saying about our new ‘At Home’ program.

 “Can’t fault it. We are blown away by how much content there is and how excited it makes the kids to see their favourite teachers’ faces and to enjoy familiar songs. “

“______really loves being able to see her teacher and actually talk with her. These real live connections make a big difference for very young children during isolation. “

“———- is loving these music classes and you should see her joy when her name gets mentioned. It’s that same feeling I think I used to get when my name was called out at the end of ‘Romper Room’. Thank you all. you are doing an awesome job.”

“We love the music connection every day with you. This has led to a near constant humming of these lovely songs!”

“Love that we can flick it on at any time and find something to re-watch. Thank you for all your efforts and enthusiasm. Absolutely loving it!”

“We are loving it all! I feel like I can’t thank you all enough for your efforts ❤️❤️❤️❤️ “

“It’s been so great to have continuity with the classes through the zoom sessions! And the content in the tree house has been super wonderful to have whilst home so much”

“The videos are fun and also so helpful how they share so many ideas which can be drawn upon during our own free play too. The live sessions are really lovely, and the other videos / tutorials / themed sessions are really great / fun / interesting too (my son loves them all, and I’ve really enjoyed them too!). I also really appreciate the weekly calendar you put together – anything that creates some structure during this time is super helpful 👍👍👍

“Thank you again so much to all of the team at Rhythm Tree!! 😍🙌”

Whether you are a past Rhythm Tree family or brand new, live in Melbourne or another part of the country …or even the world (we have a family in Fiji and Grandparents in the US who join with their grandchildren), we’d love to welcome you into our community and to offer you a very special opportunity to being more music, joy and connection into your lives.

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