We drum & dance, we stomp & sing,
we conduct & compose, we play games &
make music the Rhythm Kids way!

Why join Rhythm Kids classes?

  • Grow musically in a fun, playful, pressure free environment
  • Learn about the musical language of many cultures
  • Explore opportunities to lead, balanced with opportunities to collaborate
  • Gain understanding of complex, fun rhythms and melodies
  • Explore opportunities to solo, improvise and work in groups
  • Experiment with creative expression and musical innovation
  • Develop musical confidence and foster a lifelong love of music

Music classes for 4-8 year olds

Big kids know what they like. Telling silly stories. Playing games. Being in charge. Designed specifically for 4-year-old Kinder through to Grade 2, Rhythm Kids classes tap into how children in this age group are wired to learn, with musical games, animal rhythm stories and lots of stomping-flying-climbing-dancing fun. 

Rhythm Kids classes are split into two levels:

  • Level 1 – 4-year-old Kinder and Foundation/Prep 
  • Level 2 – Grades 1 and 2

Children attend weekly 45 minute classes (either in-person or online). Families receive a new Music Together song collection in high res digital audio with an illustrated songbook and CD every 13-week trimester. Parents’ attendance during class is optional. 

We follow the award winning Music Together curriculum which includes a blend of folk, blues, jazz and world music. Our music is pitched specifically for children’s voices, the rhythm patterns and arrangements are fun, sophisticated and loved by children all over the world. 

We offer a flexible booking system – so if you can’t make it to class one week – you can book a makeup class pending availability with either of our Rhythm Kids teachers.

Rhythm Kids and their families also gain access to The Family Tree House on Facebook, a safe space where our teachers post extra video content and families can connect with each other, gain inspiration and share stories about joyful music making at home. Family Tree House content is also accessible via our website for families who don’t use Facebook. 

2021 Trimesters

1st Trimester: 1 February – 15 May
Elephant song collection

2nd Trimester: 17 May – 28 August
Jaguar song collection

3rd Trimester: 30 August – 11 December
Alligator song collection

Payment information

On registering new families receive a free registration pack (valued at $30 – free for a limited time)

  • Music and your Child – parent’s guide book 
  • Musical growth chart 
  • Egg shaker/s 
  • Rhythm Tree tote bag
  • Free ticket to our special event each trimester (Family boogie, singalong or concert)

Fees for in-person and online classes are the same
Siblings attend for free 
in online classes 
Siblings attending in-person classes receive a $40 off monthly discount

Fees can be paid in three ways:

  • Four monthly instalments of $94 
  • Per trimester ($376) 
  • For the whole year ($1,128)

1st trimester payments: January, February, March, April
2nd trimester payments: May, June, July, August
3rd trimester payments: September, October, November, December

  • Weekly classes over three 13-week trimesters
  • A CD and digital album for each Music Together song collection (three per year)
  • A songbook with activities, notation, lyrics and educational information for parents (three per year)
  • Access to unique online Rhythm Tree drum and play tutorials 
  • Access to our vibrant online community – The Family Tree House 
  • Live mini classes on The Family Tree House
  • Recorded videos from our teachers; songs, games, drumming activities, lullabies, musical story times & learn-to-play tutorials
  • Extra online resources via the Hello Everybody App and Family Music Zone
  • Free family ticket to a special event each trimester (e.g. Family boogie, singalong or concert)

Music Learning Supports All Learning®

Whether as a stand-alone music class or as a companion to private lessons, Rhythm Kids helps your child develop the facility, repertoire, mastery and creativity to be confident music students and music-makers throughout their lives. Rhythm Kids music and movement activities support growth in key developmental areas and naturally motivate children to focus and engage.

Timetable and teachers

Choose from ONLINE classes or classes at CERES in Brunswick East, Melbourne

Choose how you want to pay when registering

Enrol Month to Month
Pay Month to Month

No discount

This option is for families who want to enrol on a monthly basis.

Single Child:

$94 per month

Families with 2 or more children:

 $141 per month*

*Children must attend the same class

Enrol Annually
Pay Month to Month

5% Discount

For families who want to stay with us for a full year AND want to pay monthly.

Single child:

$89 per month

Families with 2 or more children:

$133 per month*

*Children must attend the same class

Enrol Annually
Pay Upfront

10% Discount

For families who want to stay with us for a full year AND want to pay upfront.

Single Child:

$1,017 per year

Families with 2 or more children:

$1,522 per year*

*Children must attend the same class

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