We drum & dance. We stomp & sing.
We conduct & compose.
We play games & make music the Rhythm Kids way!

Continue your child’s musical journey in a FUN and innovative way through drumming, singing, movement and play.

For 4 -8 year olds, Rhythm Kids classes support the next level of music learning by capitalising on how your older child is wired to learn. Through unique musical games, drumming patterns, and music from around the world, your child will collaborate, compose, choreograph, and conduct using rhythms inspired by musical traditions from around the world, from West African Gahu, to Japanese Taiko, to Brazilian Samba, just to name a few.

Online classes include:

  • A Weekly, 30-minute Zoom class.
  • Songbook, CD/digital download each season (3 per year)
  • Access to video drum and play tutorials
  • Access to online in-home activity pages

As these classes are currently running from your home, please feel free to use a drum that you have at home. Alternatively you can use an upturned box or container.

Alternatively if you’d like your child to have a drum to play with at home, please ask us about the special discounts on djembe drums that are available to Rhythm Kids families.

Due to the nature of these classes running from home, please feel free to participate with your child. This also includes other siblings who maybe at home with you.

Tuition for all Rhythm Tree classes includes family materials to use at home (e.g., recordings of our award-winning music, illustrated songbook, parent education resources).

Our 2020 Online timetable of classes are listed below as well as our Fees.

Music Learning Supports All Learning®

Whether as a stand-alone music class or as a companion to private lessons, Rhythm Kids helps your child develop the facility, repertoire, mastery, and creativity to be confident music students and music-makers throughout their lives. The music and movement activities support growth in several key developmental areas and naturally motivate children to focus and engage.

Location, Days and Times

Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons as well as Wednesday mornings with Rebecca Earl.

Tuesday – 4:00pm

Wednesday – 10:15am

Thursday – 4:00pm



$65 a month
  • Weekly 30 minute virtual classes via Zoom
  • Access to our private Facebook community 'The Rhythm Tree Family Treehouse'
  • Regular Facebook live mini classes on our private Facebook page
  • A new song collection every 12 weeks
    Includes a beautifully illustrated Songbook and music in both CD and digital form.
  • Downloadable family resources (activity pages, musical games, etc), accessible through the Hello Everybody App and Family Musci Zone
  • Ongoing recorded videos created by our teachers relating to parent education, musical crafts, lullabies, musical story time and more. Accessible through your online portal
  • Online at-home activity pages to work on with your child
  • Access to Drum and Play Tutorials

Choose how you want to pay when registering

Enrol Month to Month
Pay Month to Month

No discount

This option is for families who want to enrol on a monthly basis.

Single Child:

$94 per month

Families with 2 or more children:

 $141 per month*

*Children must attend the same class

Enrol Annually
Pay Month to Month

5% Discount

For families who want to stay with us for a full year AND want to pay monthly.

Single child:

$89 per month

Families with 2 or more children:

$133 per month*

*Children must attend the same class

Enrol Annually
Pay Upfront

10% Discount

For families who want to stay with us for a full year AND want to pay upfront.

Single Child:

$1,017 per year

Families with 2 or more children:

$1,522 per year*

*Children must attend the same class

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