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Repetition is good….Repetition is good….Repetition is good…..

The Rhythm Tree Educator and a Boy

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Being introduced to so many new songs in different styles, tonalities and metres can be a bit overwhelming both for children and grownups (teachers included)

Finding ways to familiarise your family with the songs at home, can be really enrich your family’s experience in class.

Here are some useful ideas:

1. Play the CD as often as you can both as background music and as an accompaniment to daily life and for special family ‘boogie’ and jam sessions. Children both crave and learn from repetition in order to process the music and become familiar enough with it to feel confident singing/playing along and eventually improvising and creating their own music.

2. Make the songs from this term’s collection your own. Make up your own words, stories and actions. Use it to accompany routines, as a motivator for children or diffuse a tense moment by breaking into a song.

3. Use the collection in your daily rituals – e.g.singing a lullaby before bedtime, tidying up, a jam session , a family ‘boogie’

4. Use the ideas for parents in the songbook. Regualarly ‘read’ and sing the songbook together paying attention to the beautiful illustrations and try some of the suggestions for musical activities at home.  It can be fun following and ‘reading’  the musical notes as you sing or as you listen to the CD. If you play an instrument you can also learn to play the songs to share them with your children.

5. Download the ‘Hello Everyody” APP for your phone or iPad -It already comes with 8 pre loaded songs but if you type in the code from the inside of your CD cover it will program the current term’s collection music. Play karaoke with your family and record your own music videos to share. The on-screen lyrics make it easy to sing and play along.

6. Access the Music Together<sup>®</sup> Family Music Zone which has interesting activities and videos to accompany each terms’s collection. You can also download the songs from the collection (including a bonus track) to use on your devices and access free printables. Again the access code can be found in the inside cover of your CD.

Have fun making music together !

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