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“Thank you for not only making our Mondays such joyous days, but for all the fun and inspiration that has come from the classes and spread throughout our days and night and into so many aspects of our lives. We feel so fortunate to have spent the year with you”

Nerida, mum of Quin and Florence


We invite you to join our award winning, pressure free, MIXED AGED FAMILY MUSIC CLASSES in February 2020 for the STICKS collection and experience the joy of making music as a family and as a community.



  • Monday 9th March – Labour Day


  • Monday 13th April – Easter Monday
  • Saturday 25th April – Anzac Day
  • Monday 8th June – Queen’s Birthday


  • Tuesday 3rd November – Melbourne Cup Day

Join our wonderful community of music making families for 45 minutes each week. We’ll be singing, dancing, chanting, drumming, jamming, playing, improvising, exploring and experimenting through an eclectic mix of family-style music including folk, jazz, world, blues and classical.

Each week your highly trained and passionate teacher will take you on a musical journey though a variety of fun and creative adult-child activities and will provide you with the tools and inspiration to continue the music making at home.

The Rhythm Tree BIrd


Tuesday 9.15 & 10.15am – Sarah N

Wednesday 9:15 & 10:15am – Rebecca

Thursday 9:15 & 10:15am – Sarah N

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Monday am (9.15 , 10.15  & 11.15am)  – Gillian 

Monday pm (2 , 3  & 4.pm) – Claire

Tuesday am (9.15, 10.15  & 11.15am) – Claire

Tuesday pm (2 & 3pm)  – Claire  

Wednesday am (9.15, 10.15  & 11.15am) – Matilda

Wednesday pm (2 & 3pm ) – Karen

Thursday am (9.15 , 10.15 and 11.15am) – Sarah T

Thursday pm (2 & 3pm)  – Sarah T

Friday am (9.15, 10.15 & 11.15am) – Matilda

Friday pm (2 & 3pm)Karen

Saturday am (9.15, 10.15  & 11.15am ) – Matilda

Saturday pm (3pm) – Sally

Morning Classes – Click HERE to select a class and REGISTER

Afternoon Classes – Click HERE to select a  class and REGISTER

Thursday 9.30 & 10.30am – Gillian

Friday am 9.30 & 10.30am – Charin

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Wednesday 9:30 & 10:30am – Sophie

Friday 9:30 & 10:30am – Jenna

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  • Weekly 45 minutes classes
  • A guaranteed place for your family
  • A new high quality Song Collection every 13 weeks
  • Songs included in both CD and Digital form
  • A beautifully illustrated Songbook
  • 1 make up class per month - extra make-up classes will be organised to classes that fall on a Public Holiday


There is an initial joining fee of $89 when registering. 

This includes your registration fee, initial Curriculum Set and all family resources. 

Thereafter families can choose one of the following options:

Full fees apply when you enrol month to month and
Pay monthly

Single Child:

$94 per month

Families with 2 or more children:

 $141 per month

Receive 5% OFF when you enrol for the full year and
Pay monthly

Single child:

$89 per month

Families with 2 or more children:

$133 per month

Receive 10% OFF when you enrol for the full year and
Pay upfront

Single Child:

$1,015 per year

Families with 2 or more children:

$1,522 per year

Siblings 9 months and under attend for FREE

Siblings can attend our afternoon Mixed Aged Classes at CERES for FREE

Siblings MUST attend the same class to receive our '2 or more children' price


Families pay $89 when registering.

Thereafter monthly payments will be debited on the 20th of each month.


$89* paid when registering on the 15th of January then a further $94 deducted will be deducted on the 20th of January.

$24* per class, $195 curriculum fee for the year – covers 3 music collections and online resources. 

Siblings over 9 months $14.50*

*Prices shown are not discount prices.


Payment options 

Month to Month

  • You will be charged a deposit when registering. This is a month-in-advance
  • Please create a ‘Payment Profile’ when registering. All you have to do is hit ‘Save’ when entering your card details. This way your preferred account will be debited each month
  • Monthly Payments will be deducted on the 20th of each month. January to December



  • To receive our 10% OFF Discount, full fee must be paid at the time of registering.
  • No refund are offered on fees paid upfront. 
  • If you are unsure of whether a class will work for your family, please feel free to book a free trial or select our Month to Month option before committing to a full year.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

If after the first class you are not fully satisfied, let us know *immediately (*must be the same day) at admin@therhthmtree.com.au or call 0423 466 339 and we will cancel your monthly enrolment and monthly fees without question. Please note – *failure to contact us on that day will mean fees paid are not-refundable. Upfront  Yearly fears are non-refundable. Collected songbooks/CD cannot be refunded/returned and will be charged at $65 per Curriculum set.

Although we try to accommodate unforeseen changes in schedule, after your registered first class we will not issue credits or refunds for non-emergency reasons such as nap times changing. If you do not attend the first class or do not alert us after this class, fees are liable.

Missed Classes

Tuition is provided on a month to month basis therefore there are no refunds or credits given for missed lessons.

Make-up classes

You will receive 12 make up classes per year. This equates to 1 make up class per month. 

Unlimited make up classes will have an extra monthly fee of $10, in addition to enrolment fees*

*We are temporarily providing unlimited make ups to all families without extra payment.

Make ups can be booked through your family portal using our online ‘make up scheduler’.

Cancellation of enrolment

Please give us 15 days notice if you choose to cancel your enrolment with us. This is applicable regardless of whether you have chosen to pay monthly or upfront.

Upon cancellation, an invoice or refund will be issued. This is calculated by totalling how many curriculum sets you have received and how many weeks you have been enrolled for. This fee is then deducted from the fees you have paid. This may result in a refund or a small outstanding fee.

Location and time changes

On a rare occasion, classes may be combined or cancelled based on enrollment. Refunds will be given to families who cannot accommodate the changes.

If, for any reason, there is a room or venue change, we will notify you in advance by email and send a reminder by sms.

 Mobile Phones

We like to keep our 45 minutes musical. Please note that classes are MOBILE FREE zones unless you have cleared with the teacher beforehand e.g. if waiting on a very important call. If you would like to take photos, please let your teacher know and she will be more than happy to pull out the instruments after class. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Food and Drink in Class

It is important to stay hydrated so we encourage the use of water bottles, breastfeeding and baby milk bottles in class. Due to cross contamination and choking hazards, we prefer any solid foods to be consumed outside our class space either before or after class. Should food be required during class, we request that you please step outside. 

 Unregistered Older Siblings

There may be times during the term when older children have a school holiday, and it is natural to want to bring them with you to class. Older siblings of registered students may visit 2 classes per semester; Please e-mail us in advance to let us know

Additional Adults

Parents, grandparents or caregivers are welcome to attend class at any time – no need to ask. Whole family music making in your home is extremely valuable to your child’s musical development, and attending class occasionally helps the other family members to join in at home.

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