What the Parents Say

The Rhythm Tree

"I'm just writing to let you know what a huge impression our classes with Sarah T were on our kids last year. We only attended 2 terms but I'm amazed how much the kids learnt"
Carmen, mum of Belinda (4 yrs) and Georgie (10 mths)

"Thank you for 3 years of an amazing music program!"
Brigid, mum of Forrest (3yrs, 5mths)

"We have enjoyed every moment and will continue to sing the songs at home for a long time yet... The influence you have had over Sadie's musical sensibility is huge and we thank you for all the music and songs."
Emma, mum of Sadie (3 yrs)

"We wish you were at my house."
Sadie (3yrs)

"It has been such a pleasure and it feels a privilege to have attended your Rhythm Tree Monday group class over this past year...Thank you for our inspiring teaching and sharing of your love of music, and your love and understanding of children and their precious early years. We finish up to move away, enriched for life."
Sue, mum of Edwin (2 yrs)

"Dear Gillian, Thank you for making not only our Mondays such joyous days but for all the fun and inspiration that have come from your classes and spread throughout our days & nights & into so many aspects of our lives. We feel so fortunate to have spent the year with you."
Nerida, mum to Quinn (2yrs 10 mths) 

"Just a note to say that Charin is quite simply a wonderful teacher and human being. She has always been so encouraging and engagin
g." Gregory, dad of Elias (1y 10mths)

"Thank you so much for the rich and quality investment and care you've provided for Cooper and myself!"

"Thank you for making music with us. All the fun and inspiration has helped us transition our life from Taiwan to Australia. Music has no age limit. Music has no borders. Music is all about heart! I think all my kids love Gillian just as much as they love exMT teacher Vivi in Taiwan. I truly hope this can help any parent who is considering the benefits of Music Together. We have been coming for over 3 years and are so grateful to see the impact now."
Amanda, mum of Sofian (4yrs), Alina (2yrs) & William (10mths)

'Your classes are an absolute joy and I have, and will continue, to recommend them to anyone looking for a child's music class. The songs are fun, the activities engaging, but the real gem is you and your genuine warmth, openness and enthusiasm for music and young children'.

'Gillian’s affinity with the children and the connection they have with her is beautiful to watch. It really is quite moving to watch the children grow and develop before you, and begin to appreciate such love for music’

‘I have tried other classes but nothing comes close to providing that sense of community and true musical learning. Gillian is a warm, caring and talented music teacher with a smile that is contagious! She really has a way with young children.’

'Thanks for creating the wonderful experience of joyful music exploration and expression through your absolutely wondrous classes'.

‘My kids TOTALLY ADORE your classes......... but then again, so do I !!!'

‘It is such a precious skill you have. You transform lives, you know.’

‘Thank you soooo much for a year of wonderful music.
Stella has loved it, as have I. You really are a very talented music educator and we have been been really fortunate to have you in our midst’.

'Thanks very much for an inspiring term'
Siobhan and Dom

‘Thanks so much for a great class and for equipping us with a great ongoing experience at home (and in the car) with the songs and music/language cross-references which always help Abe with new words and, of course, a good sense of rhythm.’

‘By the way, after attending with Inez for a couple of weeks, kudos to you again for running such an amazing class ………………and how much energy you put in. The way you throw yourself into the songs is very impressive. :-)’

‘Both of us had such a great time in your class - in fact I was on such a "high" for the rest of the day I couldn't wait to tell my husband about it when he came home. Thanks again.'

‘It is very exciting to be able to share The Rhythm Tree experience with my little grandson. To see his happiness in such secure surroundings and to be able to continue the fun of the class at home gives us all heaps of pleasure. Our CD is happily played every day and we look forward to his ongoing musical education’.

'You are wonderful - for a million reasons - the biggest are
1. You are a natural! You were born to teach music to families
2. You are so full of love - that everything you touch is beautiful'

‘Still loving your ever-fabulous music classes and how happy they make my boy.’

‘What a wonderful start to their life in music!’

'Your classes stimulate endless creativity and joy in our everyday lives.'
Sally and Owen

‘It’s such a special, joyful time of the week for our family’.


You have a beautiful talent and I really can't wait to start my own little family so that I can join in the beauty that you bring to other's lives...

‘Oliver and I have had a lovely term, and thank you for your enthusiasm, gentleness and musicality'.

'Thanks again for another fantastic term. You do an amazing job at involving everybody and hold (a beautiful) tune, all at the same time! We have a great time with music, in and out of class. look forward to next term/year
Sarah (Neko and Wim)

'It is so refreshing to see such a unique music class available.'


‘Thank you for being such an inspirational and enthusiastic teacher - Max and Zoe have both gained so much from the classes and we have loved your approach to music and the entire family experience’.


‘Thank you for our fabulous introduction to The Rhythm Tree; Olive and I are enjoying it so much and it’s delightful hearing her singing and requesting the songs by name now!

‘Thank you for a wonderful term - my girls adore your classes and it is great to have you back in our lives :-)’

‘Thanks so much for a wonderful and enriching year of Rhythm Tree fun. I can honestly say that being part of the group with you and all the families we've shared the class with has given us a wonderful sense of community and belonging since settling in Melbourne over a year ago.’

‘Thank you kindly for such an awesome and special time for Isidora during music classes over the last couple of year. Not only has the time been wonderful for Isidora but also for me and Mimm - so thank you kindly Gillian for such a special program and creating such a gorgeous community.’

‘Be assured I will be singing your praise wherever I go. Your energy and connection with children is what makes the classes absolute joy.’

‘You are the highlight of Asher and my week’.

‘You inspire positivity - you have such a lovely energy . It really has been a joy and we will miss you and all of the others in the class very much xx’

‘Thank you for exposing Goldie to music and movement in such a positive and lasting way.’

‘It has been so incredible as ____has made massive progress with his speech since we started classes. You are simply amazing with the kids and I am such a huge fan of your music class. I will definitely put the new babies name on the waiting list after he/she is born.’

"After 3 years of having Rhythm Tree to look forward to every week as an entertaining and educational reason for both kids and grown-ups to sing, dance and play, it is time to say goodbye. End of an era! We will depart with a bag of precious musical memories".

‘The Rhythm Tree is the highlight of our week’

‘The Rhythm Tree is the best kids activity I have ever taken___ to, and we have tried lots of things! ‘

‘Count us in for next term please. It’s too much fun to miss! The class is!!’

‘Your classes have created a wonderful space for my child, helping nurture his relationship with me, others (yourself!) as well as exposing him to the creation and appreciation of music.’

‘We are both hooked.’