Family classes for your O-5 year old…
and the grownups who love them!

Experience our high-quality, award winning music and movement program from the comfort of your own home. 


Your highly skilled and caring teacher will lead your whole family to sing, dance, play, and jam and show you how to make everyday items like dish towels, pots, and soft toys into musical props. Even though your teacher is on the screen, each class is designed as an active whole-family music-making experience.


Enjoy our sophisticated blend of folk, blues, jazz and world music and gain tools and inspiration to bring more creativity and harmony into your everyday lives.


Classes are appropriate for children under 6 but the entire family is welcome (and encouraged!) to participate in the musical fun. 

Why join a Family Class?

Fun facts about our online classes


You’ll never be late


You don’t have to sit in traffic or find a parking spot


You can attend in your PJs


You can eat in class


You can sing as loudly as you like


Your pet can join in


Your whole household can join in


You don‘t need to worry about the weather

Your Teacher


Rebecca is a Registered Music Therapist and music educator with qualifications in education support and Auslan. Rebecca believes in the capacity of music to nurture development in early childhood. She loves supporting meaningful family connections through shared musical experiences. She also teaches Rhythm Kids for 4-8 year olds.


We offer an award-winning, research-based, early childhood music and movement program that strongly emphasises and facilitates adult involvement. We encourage families to joyfully experience music.

Class Fees

1 class per week for a family
$ 99 Per Month*
  • Can be paid per collection $297
  • Price is per family - no additional sibling fees
  • Joyful weekly music and movement classes
  • Beautifully illustrated songbook
  • New digital song collection each trimester
  • CD to play in the car
  • Access to your Family Portal (where you can book makeups)
  • Music and resources on the Hello Everybody App
  • Access to our online community – The Family Tree House
  • Tickets to special family events throughout the year
  • July to December's monthly price will be $108 due to a longer collection. Family discounts listed below
  • Please note that each termly fee is divided into 3 equal monthly instalments.

Bonus extras

Collection dates and fee breakdown

Term 1
Collections: Fiddles 
 Monday 7 February to Saturday 9 April

Term 1 monthly instalments PER FAMILY

(include $25 resource fee per month)
January: $99 
March: $99 


Term 2
 Tuesday 26 April to Saturday 25 June

Term 2 monthly instalments PER FAMILY

(includes $25 monthly resource fee)
April: $99
May: $99 
June: $99


Term 3
Collections: Tambourine 
Dates: Monday 11 July to Saturday 17 September

Term 3 monthly instalments PER FAMILY

(includes $25 monthly resource fee per month per family)
Note: Slight increase in monthly fee due to one extra week in this collection

July: $108 
August: $108 
September: $108 

Term 4

Collections: Flute 
Dates: Monday 3 October to Saturday 10 December 

Term 4 monthly instalments PER FAMILY

(includes $25 monthly resource fee per month per family)

October: $108 
November: $108
December: $108 


Payment breakdown

$25 per family per class

Resource fee: $75 per family, per collection (split into 3 x $25 monthly payments)

If you join part way through a collection you will pay pro rata fees

Enrolment is ongoing with the option to opt out of a term by letting us know one week before the end of the term prior.


For siblings attending the same weekly class and sharing resources – Indoor classes

  • Siblings under nine months attend for free
  • Morning family classes $40 off per month
    Fee $54 per month / $216 per trimester
  • Afternoon family classes $60 off per month
    Fee $34 per month / $135 per trimester

Families who attend a second class in the same program will receive a $20 monthly discount. For example if you attend two Family classes per week, or if you attend two or more classes in different programs (e.g. one Family class and one Rhythm Kids class per week) you are eligible for this discount.

Timetable & Registration

From our families

FAQ Top Tips for Online Clases

We wouldn’t normally recommend screen time for very young children, but here’s the difference: YOU!  When children stare at a screen solo and passively receive information, they don’t learn in the same way as when they have an actively participating caregiver or parent beside them engaging with the on screen activity. So just like in our face-to-face classes, your participation is the most important ingredient. The teacher will be on screen, your child may see their classmates on screen too, but it is truly your interaction with your child that will ignite their engagement and musical development! 

We recommend no screen time for babies. Position your baby so they are looking at YOU, not the screen. Follow your teacher whilst the baby watches you and inspires you to make each day more musical.

DON'T WORRY if your little one doesn’t engage with what is happening on screen during class.  Don’t encourage very young children to look at the screen at all in fact. The most important aspect of online class is that you and your little one carve out time to have fun with each other - singing, dancing, jamming and playing every week! There is no pressure for you to perform - it is not about getting it 'right', rather it is about joining in! It is wonderful for children to observe parents having fun making music during class as this gives them the message that musical play is valued in their family. 

Early childhood educators consistently recommend mixed-age groupings as an optimal learning environment for children under five years because they foster natural, family-style learning. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating older ones; older children learn by leading younger ones; and adults are happy because the children in the family can go to class together. Each child participates at his or her own level.


Classes have a family feel, rather than a school orientation, an environment your child will have ample opportunity to experience when he enters the world of formal education in a few years. In addition, children of the same age are not necessarily in the same stage of music development and a mixed-age environment creates a space for exploration and discovery, rather than peer pressure. The Music Together curriculum is designed to teach on many levels of complexity at once, and our teachers are trained in the art of mixed-age learning.

Absolutely. Just as siblings in multi-child families learn from each other, so do the children in our mixed-age classes. Babies will engage at their own level, vocalising, moving, listening, observing, and exploring musical instruments. And any or all of your child’s caregivers—parents, grandparents, nannies—can come share in the experience, both in class and at home.


Please ask your teacher for the ‘Babies in the Mixed Aged Class‘ guidebook as this will provide you with guidance on enhancing your experience both in class and at home with your baby.

No. You may notice your child revisiting some behaviours she has moved past but do not confuse this with regression. Your child will not UN-learn skills she has already gained. This process of revisiting actually affirms the progress your child has made as she recognises that she no longer exhibits these behaviours. It also signifies empathy as she adjusts her behaviour in order to relate to the younger children in the room.

Absolutely! In each class we strive to create a musically rich, developmentally appropriate environment where the whole family can enjoy music and nurture skills at the level right for each child. Mixed-age classes also provide a rich learning environment because children of different ages thrive when they interact with each other.

We have good news on that front! It doesn’t matter how well you sing or dance, it only matters that you do it. Your children don’t learn how to sing from you, they learn to sing. So, if you have fun playing with music, your child will learn to love it too. It’s really that simple! Your role is essential regardless of your musical ability!

The Rhythm Tree Logo

The Rhythm Tree classes take place on the beautiful land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations.
We acknowledge and pay our respects to the Wurundjeri elders, past, present and emerging. The land on which we sing, dance and play is Aboriginal land.​

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