Together again making music with our beloved families – both indoors and outdoors

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Claire Jenkins

Claire runs outdoor classes on Monday mornings in the ‘outdoor Pavilion’ at CERES Environmental Park in Brunswick East and indoors on Monday afternoons and all day Tuesday in the Lower Merri at CERES.

“As social animals, humans gather, meet and bond seeking meaning, purpose and creative expression and more”

Deepak Chopra


After 9 long months of online classes, The Rhythm Tree is back running ‘in person’ classes

Our adored teacher, Claire Jenkins shares her favourite moments from our first week back at CERES in both indoor and outdoor classes.


Hello everybody!

Well, we’re back to face-to-face music making and I have witnessed many incredible moments this past week at our Ceres Rhythm Tree classes. I’ll share with you a couple of my favourites…..

During a large movement dance all the grown-ups swooped their arms up in time with the music. We all did it at the same time without discussing it first! The look of wonder and astonishment on the kid’s faces was really incredible. And then second time around, yup, they joined in. It reminded me of the power of experience, of being in the midst of something which is do different to being a witness in front of a screen. 

Another favourite moment was when the grown-ups all started singing the Hello Song, the first song of our sessions. One little crawler, who had been busy crawling around and exploring the carpet went completely still. And he stared at me with an intensity that was tangible. I felt like I could see the synapses going off in his head. He stayed that way for the whole song. On the next song he went back to crawling but with purpose, his arms and legs exploring the beat. This young person started with face-to-face, was with me last year for online classes, and is now back to face-to-face again. I’m not sure what he was making sense of in that moment but it felt extremely deep.

I do have some fantastic take-aways from the online classes that I am incorporating in my outdoor classes at Ceres. When online for instance, kids could play their accordion for the whole half hour if they wanted and it didn’t disturb anyone. Indoor classes make that a bit hard, but outdoors we can be even more open to incorporating different kinds of music because of the acoustics. So you can bring along the musical thing that you find supper exciting! I also really enjoyed the half hour format. I’ve decided to keep that for the outdoor classes as we are not enclosed and I find it is a more reasonable length of time for this age group. And the extra special part is your child can see your face! Because we are outside and can social distance. 

So along with the usual exploration of music in a safe joyous environment The Rhythm Tree always offers, we now have an outdoor session that combines the best of the online and in person formats. 

Come along to the outdoor Rhythm Tree space at Ceres in the undercover pavilion. You can even come for a free trial if you would like to give it a try first. Prioritise music in your week for your whole family, and especially your little person. You’ll be letting them know that music is an integral part of our lives. After the year we’ve had the joy of being with others and just singing is heightened. It is precious.

I look forward to meeting you!



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