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The Rhythm Tree At Home

Music and Connection Heals the Soul Across the globe people are singing and playing music together from their balconies, whole streets are listening together from their candlelit driveways to a lone bugle, virtual choirs and orchestras are being created via social media and singers and musicians are running live concerts

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The Rhythm Tree Educator and a Boy

Repetition is good….Repetition is good….Repetition is good…..

Being introduced to so many new songs in different styles, tonalities and metres can be a bit overwhelming both for children and grownups (teachers included) Finding ways to familiarise your family with the songs at home, can be really enrich your family’s experience in class. Here are some useful ideas: 1. Play

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8 Ways to Create a Musical Family

Creating an identity as a Musical Family 8 Ways to Create a Musical Family   When your children are young, it’s a great time to think about creating an identity as a family. Over the last few weeks in class we have been discussing ‘what makes a musical family’ and

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