Health Policy

Keeping healthy at The Rhythm Tree

It is the season of coughs and sniffles.

We care about the health of our families & our teachers & therefore we encourage families with sick children to stay home & take advantage of our family-friendly make up system.
During these cold months, The Rhythm Tree has decided to allow all families up to 4 make ups per term. Please note
that these should be booked via your family portal , should be taken in the same term as the absences and are subject to availability.

Please be mindful of germs spreading (particularly since we have babies and young children
with compromised immune systems):
1. Use the hand sanitiser provided
2. Spray and wipe any ‘mouthed‘ instruments (using the antiseptic disinfectant provided) or put them in the ‘too hard’ basket for the teacher to do.
3.If you are at all concerned, spray instruments and props before you give them to your child (or alternatively purchase your own set of instruments – this can be done via The Rhythm Tree).
4. Encourage your children to have good hand hygiene.

5. Keep children who are contagious (or grownups) at home.