Health Policy

Keeping healthy at The Rhythm Tree                                  

General Health and Well Being

We care about the health of our families and teachers and therefore encourage families to:

  • Take advantage of our 'make up' system.  If family members are sick (or contagious), please stay at home, register your absence and organise a 'make up class' via your family portal. We offer 2 make ups per term and 4 in the winter months (Note - if more are required please contact us)
  • Make sure that vaccinations and immunisations are up to date
  • Encourage good hand hygiene (note - a hand sanitiser pump is provided for your convenience)
  • On your Rhythm Tree Account  add any medical issues that you feel the teachers should know about - conditions such as anaphylaxis and severe allergies, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes. Whether the information is about your child or the adult bringing your child, it is important to have. You can also email

Medical Issues (and First Aid)

We ask that you help us deal with any medical situations by:

  • Reporting any medical issues (see above)
  • Bringing any medicine you or your child need (Ventolin, Epipen, Insulin etc.)
  • Becoming familiar with the venue's First Aid kit location
  • Downloading the Emergency + App on your smart phone (see below)

Emergency + App

All our teachers have now downloaded the Emergency + APP on their phones.

This is a FREE app, developed by Australia's Emergency Services and their government and instrustry partners.

The app uses GPS functionality built into smart phones to help a Triple 0 (000) caller provide critical location details required to mobilise emergency services.

We encourage our families to download this app. For more information, see HERE

Instruments and Props - Safety and Hygiene

We regularly clean our instruments and props at The Rhythm Tree and check for damages/safety issues however, as many families are using these props and instruments on an ongoing basis, we ask for your help by:

  • Reporting any damaged instruments/props to the teacher
  • Checking any instruments for loose parts/potential hazards before your child uses them
  • Supervising 'mouthers' and selecting suitable instruments/props - feel free to request/select a different prop 
  • Spraying and wiping any 'mouthed instruments' (using the antiseptic disinfectant provided) after use
  • If you or your child is immunocompromised or you would prefer instruments/props to be sanitised before use - spraying and wiping the instruments/props before you use them or alternatively bringing along your own instruments/props (feel free to chat with your teachers about this).

Food and Drink in Class

It is important to stay hydrated so we encourage the use of water bottles, breastfeeding and baby milk bottles in class. Due to cross contamination and choking hazards, we prefer any solid foods to be consumed outside our class space either before or after class. Should food be required during class, we request that you please step outside.